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2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Saturday
« on: December 13, 2021, 04:57:20 PM »
Lewis Hamilton

Well, firstly Max did a great lap today and we just couldnít compete with that time at the end there. It was a fantastic lap from him but weíre in a good position, Iíd like to think, with our tyres tomorrow and I hope that we can have a good race. On the first lap of Q3, I dropped a bit of time in the last corner and Turn 5, but my final lap was nice and clean, I just couldnít go any quicker. I donít know if itís tyre prep or whatever it may be, in terms of the out lap, but nonetheless I couldnít beat that time so he deserved the pole. Iím still on the front row for tomorrow, with the tyre difference and Iím grateful I can see where he is, so we can try and navigate from there.
Valtteri Bottas

I was hoping for more, it was a tricky Quali - a good Q1, decent Q2 but by Q3, I couldnít improve any more. My setup was definitely more focused on the race rather than Quali so as the grip levels increased, I couldnít improve my times and hit a bit of a limit. Iím happy with my setup for tomorrow which should make it exciting. Also starting on the Medium tyre tomorrow opens up different strategy options, we can go long in the first stint if we want to but on the Soft, you canít, so itíll be an interesting race. Overall, not the best result today but we can definitely make it up tomorrow, itís game on.
Toto Wolff

On days like today, you have to take it like it is, itís 1-0 to them, they got the tyres in the perfect window in the last run, the tow functioned flawlessly and thatís why they are on pole. Iím happy weíll be starting on the Medium tyre tomorrow. We will have a slight disadvantage on the start I guess, and the first six or seven laps, but we can go longer, or also go for an aggressive undercut and try to control track position. Overnight weíll be running lots of programmes and algorithms to help form our strategy for tomorrow.

The pace was there in practice, obviously on the long runs you donít know, but whichever car is faster tomorrow will win the race. We just need to focus on that, recoup and then hopefully come out on top tomorrow. We are on the back foot and sometimes thatís not bad as a starting point. Lewis will be super motivated for tomorrow and just go hunting, as always. For Valtteri, the gap between P3 and P6 was all within a tenth so its unfortunate heíll be starting in that gaggle but he just needs to make it through the first lap or two, and get back up.
Andrew Shovlin

It was a tricky qualifying for both drivers and unusually, the car felt at its best in the first session and seemed to get less competitive as we progressed. Of course it would have made tomorrow easier if we had pole but weíre pleased to be starting on the Medium tyre and weíve hopefully added some long run pace overnight. Weíve got a busy night going through the various strategy options for tomorrow but weíve shown good race pace recently, along with an ability to recover positions and pass on track. We had a much bigger challenge in Brazil and showed what we are capable of, so weíll be doing everything possible to get ourselves into a position to bring home the win and the championships tomorrow.


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