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2022 Canadian Grand Prix - Friday
« on: June 21, 2022, 01:05:25 PM »
George Russell

Itís fun to drive around this circuit, itís old-school and very challenging, with the cars bumping over the kerbs. Our performance wasnít where we wanted it to be, weíre quite a way off the pace to the front two teams and thereís also a couple of guys Ė Fernando and Seb Ė who look very strong, so weíve got work to do. Itís still very bumpy out there, the stiffness of these cars is pretty brutal. We canít run the kerbs as much as we used to, we got the car as soft as we can but thereís something about this iteration of cars stopping us really doing that. In FP2, that was probably the biggest deviation in set up between Lewis and I, we went in completely different directions, so weíll be able to find a happy medium between the two overnight. We need to qualify ahead of the mid-field, we have a strong race car which is probably the third-quickest but if we allow one or two cars in front of us, that could make things tricky.
Lewis Hamilton

It was pretty much like every Friday, experimenting with lots of things. We tried a new floor on my car this morning which didnít really work and it seems a lot of things we try on this car struggle to work. We experimented with very different set ups on the two cars in FP2 just to try and see if one way works and one way doesnít. Whatever we do on this car to improve it just makes it more unhappy but we have to keep working, it is what it is. One touch of the kerbs here and the car goes flying, itís so stiff and here in Montreal, you really need to ride the kerbs. Itís not the Montreal that Iím used to and that Iíve driven throughout my career, itís the worst Iíve felt any car here so Iím hoping we make some solid progress overnight. You are putting on a momentous fight just to keep it out of the wall, youíre catching a car thatís jumping, it definitely keeps you on edge - we raised the car but it didnít make any real difference.
Andrew Shovlin

We tested a few modifications to the cars to help the issues that we had in Baku and weíll continue to analyse that data, but the picture here is similar to that in Monaco and Baku where the ride is really unsettling the car both in low and high speed corners. We swept through the settings available to us but weíre just finding different compromises on ride and downforce without adding significant performance overall. The balance hasnít been great both on low and high fuel and whilst the ride issues are compounding that, we can probably make a bit of progress on it overnight. Weíre mainly lacking rear grip which is likely something we can improve with the normal setup tools. Whilst itís been one of our more challenging Fridayís weíll continue to work hard tonight to optimise what we have as weíve shown in recent races that we can still score strong points even with a difficult car.


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