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The Veedol woman
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Stuttgart. 160 vehicles and a total of 1,500 exhibits are presented in the varied permanent exhibition of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The “33 Extras” are a particular highlight: they can bring the history of personal mobility and motoring culture to life using details that are often surprising. The Mercedes-Benz Museum Inside newsletter series draws attention to the “33 Extras” and focuses on their background stories. Today’s edition is all about the Veedol woman.

22/33: The Veedol woman

Racing ahead: This woman glides across imaginary ice on ice skates. Her speed is evident from the very first glance. Speed and ease along with a sensuous aura are what characterise this famous figure. Created as a sheet metal or enamel sign, she advertises the lubricant made by Veedol.

Winter theme: The Veedol woman is an advertising classic. She first appeared in 1952. Back then she still wore a bobble hat, gloves and turtleneck sweater – quite the elegant ice skater. The red company lettering adorned her sweater. The Veedol brand originally belonged to the American company Tidewater Oil, which founded its German subsidiary in 1925. Today Veedol is a part of the Indian company Tide Water Oil India.

The artist: The figure was created by advertising designer Heinz Fehling, who was far from unknown at the time. He worked for various clients and sectors: from Aral and Blaupunkt to Sinalco. Front pages of publications such as “Motor und Sport” were also designed by Fehling. Some experts say the Veedol woman was his most important creation. It is assumed the model for the theme was Vera Marks, who was “Miss Germany” in 1951.

Pin-up girl: Fehling repeatedly recreated the Veedol woman and adapted her to the image of a seductive woman in an American pin-up style. In Germany she was the first advertising figure of this kind. A short figure-accentuating dress drew attention to her plunging neckline and long legs. The company lettering was now on a white sash that resembled a pageant award.

Confident of victory: The low-friction properties of the lubricants by Veedol remained the recurring theme of the blonde woman. With this message she radiated a confidence in victory and self-assurance. That’s why the Veedol lettering was also often on the advertising hoardings of the world’s race tracks.

Anywhere and everywhere: The Veedol woman advertised the lubricant in garages. In the 1950s and 1960s she also glided along with the “knights of the road” on ice skates. Fitted to the radiator grille of trucks, she travelled the entire continent. With her seductive aura she was the truckers’ mascot – a “fiancée of Europe”.


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