Author Topic: Joining forces for a CO2 neutral Mercedes-Benz supply chain  (Read 256 times)

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Strong commitment to climate neutrality: suppliers accounting for more than 75% of Mercedes-Benz’s annual volume of buy have already signed the Ambition Letter and agreed to our climate goals.

When it comes to CO2 neutrality, we’re not only looking at our products, but at our entire value chain. In order to make the biggest possible difference for our planet, we need to work hand in hand with our entire supply chain.

So we asked our suppliers to join us in pursuing our goal of a CO2 neutral passenger car fleet by 2039 – fulfilling our commitment to the Paris climate agreement 11 years earlier than EU-legislation will eventually require. As of today, the suppliers accounting for more than 75% of our annual volume of buy have signed the Ambition Letter and have agreed to supply us with CO2 neutral products by 2039 at the latest. We really appreciate that our partners are just as eager to tackle climate change as we are.

In the future, we only want to work with partners that share our perception of sustainability – in terms of climate, environment and human rights. That’s why we’ve developed an ‘ambition rating’ for suppliers. With it, we evaluate their sustainability performance by combining different methods for assessing climate, environmental and human rights aspects. The results will be an important criterion for award decisions from now on.