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The summer holiday programme of the Mercedes-Benz Museum
« on: August 12, 2020, 01:35:14 PM »
Stuttgart. “Gottlieb Daimler’s legendary dream of mobility ─ On water, on land and in the air.” This theme dominates the Mercedes-Benz Museum’s summer holiday special offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Three programmes for various age groups have been developed and include a self-organised rally through the permanent exhibition and a follow-up creative event with support staff at the CAMPUS. Advance registration is not required, and the start time can also be chosen individually. Young visitors will be given the themed booklets for the rallies on site at the CAMPUS. An adult must be present, however, for participation in the programmes.

The following offerings are available:

    “Little Treasures & Trinkets” (for children aged 6 to 8): What treasures does a museum hold? Why does the exhibition start off with a horse? Who manned the first controlled engine-powered flight in history back in 1903? Answers to these and other exciting questions will be discovered by the young adventurers in a museum rally, after which they will build a treasure chest for their holiday finds.
    “Secrets” (for children aged 9 to 11): What secrets does the topic of mobility have to reveal? Is Daimler’s so called grandfather clock really an actual clock? Light will be shed on these and other mysteries during the tour through the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The children will then make a holiday diary to note down their thoughts and experiences, or build a treasure chest.
    “Technology this way and that” (for children aged 10 and over): Who actually invented the first car? What is mobility? What drivetrain types are there? This museum tour will focus on these questions and more. Participants can then build their own engine model (combustion engine or electric motor).

The summer holiday programme will be held in addition to the existing offerings of the Mercedes-Benz Museum for its youngest visitors starting from 3 years of age. Here, too, focus is placed on creative activities at the CAMPUS on Level 0 as well as opportunities for exploring the permanent exhibition.

The following applies to all programmes: Children must be accompanied by an adult to participate. All the activities have been designed to account for the officially prescribed hygiene measures. These hygiene measures also include the fact that children aged 6 and over must wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth for the duration of their visit – as must all adults.


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