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Mercedes-Benz at the ESV Safety Conference
« on: October 16, 2019, 03:00:24 PM »
Stuttgart/Eindhoven.  From 10 to 13 June, the world's largest conference for automobile safety will take place in Eindhoven/Netherlands. This is where Mercedes-Benz will be presenting the new Experimental Safety Vehicle ESF 2019 to specialist circles. It attractively combines more than one dozen trailblazing safety innovations. The ESF 2019 reflects the mobility of the future with new approaches related to automated driving. An insight into the future of automobile safety will also be provided by the accompanying Mercedes-Benz exhibition and talks given by the company's safety experts.

During the Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV), several hundred engineers, representatives from official bodies and politicians will discuss measures and technologies for further improvements in vehicle safety. This year the motto of the Conference is "Technology: Enabling a Safer Tomorrow".

Four talks by Mercedes-Benz safety experts are scheduled for the Conference:

    Dr.-Ing. Rodolfo Schöneburg, Center Manager for Vehicle Safety, Durability and Corrosion Protection:
    ESF 2019 – Experimental Safety Vehicle meets Automated Driving
    Alexander Mankowsky, future researcher:
    Informed Trust and Giving Back – an External User Interface for Highly Automated Vehicles
    Claus Geisler, Strategy and Innovations for Integral Safety:
    New Driver Safety Concept for automated and manual driving mode
    Abdulkadir Öztürk, Innovations for Integral Safety:
    A step towards integrated safety simulation through pre-crash to in-crash data transfer

The ESF 2019: New safety ideas for a new mobility

With the new Experimental Safety Vehicle ESF 2019, Mercedes-Benz is giving an insight into the ideas that the company's safety experts are researching and working on. Among the one dozen or so innovations, some are near-series developments and some look well into the future.

One important aspect is making use of the virtual crumple zone: this term refers to the time that elapses between the vehicle's response to sensor signals in the pre-accident phase and the impact itself. If an object or other road user enters the virtual crumple zone, many valuable measures can already be implemented to protect the occupants and accident partner. This is possible with PRE-SAFE® and PRE-SAFE® Impulse systems, but also with the help of conventional restraint systems.

The ESF 2019 is based on the new Mercedes-Benz GLE, is capable of automated driving in many situations and has a plug-in hybrid drive system. The ESF 2019 will be presented to the general public at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in September 2019.

An overview of the key topics covered by the ESF 2019:

    Comprehensive driver safety for changing seat and steering wheel positions
    New airbag concepts
    Vitalising interior lighting
    Cooperative communication with the vehicle's surroundings
    Child safety
    Securing an accident scene
    New PRE-SAFE® functions
    Safety and comfort in the rear
    Active safety


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