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Good news for BC motorist??


Over the evening news last night. ICBC had announce that starting Jan. 2nd, 2007 all new cars after year 2000 will not require Air Care for 7 years. This is an extension from the current 5 years. Further, they will slowly shutting down certain remote locations that are not busy. By the time 2011 will expect complete closure of all Air Care testing centers.

All vehicles older then year 2000 will not be effected.

What are your views on this decision?

"...complete closure of all Air Care testing centers" by 2011?

It is a great leap backward by a government (BC Libs - just like the federal Conservatives) that gives lip service to environmental concerns but doesn't really give a care.

They would have to back up a move like this with formidable legislation that mandates, beginning immediately, all new vehicles must meet stringent emissions controls more like California. That is the only way it would make sense. But they will never do that!


I would prefer to see vehicle inspections made to include mechanical. As for emissions testing - I think it did it's job for the most part, and lightening up on the testing was inevitable. But to scrap testing altogether? I'd like to more about the reason why.

Coming from Ontario. Vehicle Safety Inspection is manditory whenever you change ownership of a car. It is only make sense if the car is not safe to operate you cannot register. BC government and ICBC operates differently. As long as they enforce clean air and crawling speed, the rest is not as important.


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