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As part of the current model refinement process, the new-generation Mercedes-Benz A and B-Class vehicles are more comfortable, economical, and environment-friendly than ever before. In keeping with these improvements, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is now offering the portable navigation system StreetPilot III, which saves the driver unnecessary detours and the resulting extra fuel consumption. The particular strengths of the tailored original accessory retrofit solution include perfect coordination with the new models, clear language output, and the high-definition TFT colour monitor in a new design.
Its integration into the vehicle electronics system gives the Mercedes-Benz StreetPilot III portable navigation system a number of additional functions that increase comfort and enhance safety. For example, when a recommended route is spoken through the vehicle loudspeakers, the system automatically mutes the radio, ensuring that all the information can be clearly understood, just as it would be from a device installed in the factory. Additionally, from the moment the ignition is turned on, the system is powered up and ready to function at any time.
Perfect view of the monitor and the road
A special holder ensures that StreetPilot III is ergonomically positioned in the ideal spot directly above the instrument panel. This gives the driver a perfect, unobstructed view of both the monitor and the road, since there is no suction pad on the windshield reducing the field of vision. A further advantage of the StreetPilot III special holder, in comparison with standard commercial retrofit solutions using a suction pad, is the enhanced level of passive safety. The system was tested to the strict Mercedes-Benz safety specifications, and will remain firmly fixed in its holder in the event of either a rear or frontal collision.
The best view has been automatically selected
In practice, the system boasts a range of clever features, such as the three-dimensional or zoomable map display, which offers different perspectives of the road. When approaching blind corners, it automatically selects the best view mode. It also switches automatically from day to night mode. Needless to say, drivers can also select their preferred level of brightness.
The high-definition, non-reflecting and high-contrast colour monitor has a screen (diagonal) size of 4.3 inches (10.9 centimetres), giving it a much larger display and control panel than standard systems. At the same time, StreetPilot III is one of the slimmest products on the market, with a depth of just two centimetres. When the portable navigation system is not needed, it can be quickly removed and conveniently carried in the pouch provided, to ensure it is not stolen.
Find the quickest way home with the push of a button
The touch screen monitor, with its large, logically structured panels and clearly structured menu, is light and easy to use. In traffic jams, the system can recommend an alternative route via the ?Detour Round Traffic Jam? function. The device receives the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) information it needs through the vehicle?s radio aerial, ensuring perfect reception at all times.
The driver needs only to enter his or her home address into the system once. After that, pressing the ?Home Function? button automatically directs the driver to the stored address. If the driver does not wish to travel directly to the destination entered, there is an additional function enabling the route to be programmed via a stop-off point. The text-to-speech function in StreetPilot III ensures that the route announcements, include the turning off point and also the street name, and are clear and unmistakeable (?Turn right into Club Avenue?).
The internal memory in the StreetPilot III contains detailed road information for 33 European countries. In addition to extensive map material, this includes over two million points of interest, such as service stations, hotels, restaurants, pubs and tourist attractions. The system also features an integrated MP3 player and a Bluetooth? interface.
StreetPilot III was developed in collaboration with USmanufacturer Garmin, one of the leading producers of mobile navigation devices, and a company with a wealth of experience in the fields of outdoor activities and car, motorbike, yacht and off-road transport. StreetPilot III costs 529 euros in Germany(including VAT, plus installation costs), and will be available from May 2008 through Mercedes-Benz affiliates.
The portable navigation system is perfectly suited to new generation A- and B-Class vehicles equipped with the Audio 5 CD radio model. The system can also be used in predecessor A- and B-Class models equipped with the Audio 5 CD and Audio 20 CD radio models, as well with the Audio 20 CD in C-Class models built between 2004 and 2007.
Mercedes-Benz telematics products extremely successful
Two other telematics products from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH have recently achieved record sales levels. The iPod? Interface Kit, launched in the USAin 2005 with the M-Class, has already sold more than 360,000 units. The mobile phone cradle and the telephone module with Bluetooth connection have also proved resounding successes, with combined purchases of over 1.2 million units. The company?s telephony solutions are perfectly tailored to the particular vehicle and include products for standard business mobiles and selected lifestyle mobile telephones, covering over 80 different models from a wide range of manufacturers.