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ul 27, 2022

As the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team tackles rounds 13 and 14 of the 2021/22 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the team can expect to have to deal with a slightly modified circuit, changes in track surface plus variable lighting conditions and differences in elevation.

    Stoffel Vandoorne: “A few changes have been made to the track, but overtaking will still be very difficult, so doing really well in qualifying will be crucial.”
    Nyck de Vries: “Last year we were very competitive at this track, so we hope to build on that and have a great weekend before heading to Seoul for the final two races of the season.”
    Ian James: “At this stage in the season, there is still 25% of the total points to fight for – so it’s likely to go down to the wire. However, this is what we all do it for: the chance to get out on top at the very end. Our next challenge on the way to achieve that goal will be these two races in London, and we can’t wait to make our fans, friends, family and partners proud.”
    Further information, statistics and facts about the upcoming E-Prix can be found in the Race Facts on our media site

The Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team is heading to London this weekend (July 30/31 2022) to contest the penultimate race weekend of the 2021/22 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. The UK capital’s ExCel Circuit is set to host the all-electric racing series for a second time; Formula E races were previously contested on a circuit at Battersea Park in the first two seasons.

The circuit that runs along the River Thames and through a section of the exhibition halls that form part of the Exhibition Centre London (ExCeL for short) has been slightly altered for Season 8, and the 2.141-km track is around 100 metres shorter for this season as compared to last year when it premiered.

Turns 10 and 11 used to be two hairpin bends following in succession but have been altered and replaced by a chicane, followed by another chicane after a short straight leading to Turns 12 and 13 which remain unchanged. The number of corners in total remains the same at 22, but the track now flows more following the changes.

Drivers are expected to cover a race distance of around 37 laps in both races and be at full throttle for some 18 seconds of the time. Cars should reach a top speed of 194 km/h as they head for Turn 1 which is also seen to be the best place to overtake. The activation zone for Attack Mode is on the outside of Turn 16.

A lap begins inside the exhibition hall on super smooth tarmac that affords plenty of grip. After a number of turns in quick succession, drivers then leave the hall to be met with extremely abrasive tarmac on the outside. A number of challenges lie in store for drivers at the ExCeL Circuit due to the different track surfaces, the differences in elevation and the constant switching from floodlighting to daylight and back again.

The Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team is competing in London for a second time. Nyck de Vries finished runner-up in both races last year while Stoffel Vandoorne was on pole for Race 2 in Season 7.

As was the case last time out in New York, the penultimate race weekend of this current season is another double header with races taking place on Saturday and Sunday (race start at 15:04 BST on both days). As we head into the weekend, Stoffel has an eleven-point lead over Edoardo Mortara in the Drivers’ Standings while Nyck is eighth. In the Team Standings, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team leads Venturi Racing by ten points.

Comments ahead of the London E-Prix 2022

Stoffel Vandoorne:

“It’s going to be great to be back in London. There are four races to go and the fight for the championship is really hotting up, but that’s not about to change my attitude towards the weekend. We just have to keep doing what we’ve been doing since the start of the year, which is to perform well in every session while trying to secure as many points as possible. I have mixed feelings about last year’s race weekend in London. I had a pretty strong Sunday with pole position and the race lead, but then unfortunately, I hit a low spot when my race was ended for me. Things should be a bit different this year, as a few changes have been made to the track, but overtaking will still be very difficult, so doing really well in qualifying will be crucial. Let’s wait and see how it all turns out! We just need two strong qualifying sessions and should then be able to deliver two decent races.”

Nyck de Vries:

“The London E-Prix is the last race weekend in Europe of the season and we are really looking forward to it, as it is also kind of a home race for the team. Many friends, colleagues and family members will surely cheer us on in London. Last year we were very competitive at this track, so we hope to build on that and have a great weekend before heading to Seoul for the final two races of the season. The excitement is building and we feel ready and prepared for London where hopefully we can get a good points haul for the whole team.”

Ian James, Team Principal:

“As we come closer to the end of this season, the competition gets even more fierce and the stakes are getting higher. So far this season, we’ve managed well to perform under pressure and difficult circumstances; New York was a great example of each and every member of the team pulling together to put us in a position to maximise our potential.

Aside from the logical end-of-season excitement – which, to be clear, is part of the game and only motivates us to deliver to the best of our capabilities – the race weekend in London will be the team’s 2nd “home race”, after Berlin. Our operational team is based in the UK, just over an hour’s drive away from the track, and we will see team members’ family and friends join us at the races on Saturday and Sunday.

On one hand, it’s strange to think that we only have four more races in two locations to go this season! On the other, there are still 25% of the total points to fight for – so it’s likely to go down to the wire. However, this is what we all do it for: the chance to get out on top at the very end. Our next challenge on the way to achieve that goal will be these two races in London, and we can’t wait to make our fans, friends, family and partners proud.”
Fastly and the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team today announced that the world’s fastest global edge cloud platform is now an official global sponsor of the eight-time F1 world champions. The long-term partnership reflects the companies’ shared commitment to experiences that are fast, safe, and leading edge – both on the track and on the internet.

The partnership will kick off at the Hungarian Grand Prix and will see the Mercedes F1 team leveraging Fastly’s technology to heighten its online and digital fan experiences. Fastly’s powerful and programmable edge cloud platform helps the world’s top brands deliver the fastest online experiences possible, while simultaneously improving site performance, enhancing security, and empowering innovation at global scale.

“We have a deep appreciation for what Fastly delivers to its customers: the ultimate digital performance, at incredible speed,” said Toto Wolff, CEO and Team Principal of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team. “Our fans expect the very best experiences, not just on track but on their screens – and Fastly will be an important partner to help us achieve this. We’re thrilled to work alongside a team that shares our commitment to high-performance, safety and relentless innovation.”

Fans can experience this new partnership at Formula 1 events beginning this month, as well as tech industry events including the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas this August.

“For the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 team and Fastly, milliseconds matter,” said Margaret Arakawa, Chief Marketing Officer of Fastly. “The Fastly and Mercedes F1 partnership showcases two brands that are synonymous with performance and speed at global scale. Fastly is excited to push the limits of speed and security alongside a team that is not only one of the most legendary names in global motorsport, but also shares our values around innovation, safety, and performance with integrity. The team has proven year after year that relentless focus and dedication to innovation – supported by technological infrastructure that is fast, secure, and unwaveringly reliable – leads to winning results.”
Stoffel Vandoorne:

„Second place is a great result. All in all, the whole weekend here in New York City went well for us in terms of results, with a P4 yesterday and P2 today. Especially after what happened yesterday with that big crash in the first race. The team had to change the chassis and rebuild a full new car overnight - but they gave me a good one again today. Many thanks to the whole team for their efforts - this result is for them. It’s the ninth time in a row I’ve finished in the points. I’ve always been consistent, but last season it was harder to show that with the more random qualifying format. This year it’s possible to excel a bit more. So far, we’ve been on a very good run, but the competition is super strong. It all comes down to small details, and we’ve got to keep on top of them.“
Nyck de Vries:

„We had a great package today, although we struggled a bit with the balance, we made good use of our tools in the car and managed to keep on top of it, so I felt quite competitive. The fight was good, though obviously I am disappointed it didn’t play out. That bump in the track surface is quite dangerous, and it took me by surprise - I lost control of the car, and that was it. After that, my steering was bent and I couldn’t keep up as easily as before. Apart from that, I think it was a well-executed race from the team and the pace was strong. Still, I’m disappointed that I couldn't score more points for the team, which is definitely what they deserved.“
Ian James, Team Principal:

„The tale of our day today really started yesterday. After the chaotic end to race 1, in which Stoffel’s car got severely damaged, the team faced a massive amount of work to build a new chassis and install the other Power Unit. However, by working right up to curfew, to prepare for scrutineering at 05:30 this morning, they ensured that we could make the start of FP3. This morning, the team was offered the next challenge when Nyck hit the wall during free practice and we had to change multiple elements on the car, including the battery, in the tight gap between FP3 and qualifying. This was further compounded by having to dismantle part of Stoffel’s car to replace a faulty wiring loom. So 2.5 rebuilds in just over 12 hours... a phenomenal achievement!

Their hard work paid off later in qualifying. Both Nyck and Stoffel managed to advance through to the quarter final stages, ultimately clinching P5 and P7 on the grid. From there, we were in a solid position to start the race and fight our way to the front with both cars. At a certain stage of the race, both Stoffel and Nyck seemed to be able to finish on the podium. Unfortunately, Nyck got caught out when he hit a manhole cover while trying to overtake a competitor - which saw him fall back, although still finishing seventh. Stoffel had a smoother race and climbed his way up to a well-deserved P2 - a podium finish that must have felt great for him. I know it did for the team!

The most important thing for us, flying home from New York City, is that we have accumulated good points for the championship fight. We will now keep the momentum and hit London and Seoul with the same mindset and determination as we have approached the past events this year. There are only 4 more races to go in this World Championship season, and we’ve got one hell of a fight ahead of us.“
The Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team is delighted to announce our commitment to invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel, becoming the first global sports team to do so, as part of our drive to further reduce our CO2 emissions and our ambition to become SBTi-verified Net Zero by 2030.

Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. As a Formula One team racing on multiple continents, we have worked tirelessly to understand the environmental impact that we have and the role that we can play in driving change. As Formula One operates at the forefront of automotive technology, we have a responsibility to ensure we are at the cutting-edge of innovation in sustainable technologies.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is renewable or waste-derived aviation fuel, an emerging technology recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation to play a major role in reducing future international aviation emissions1. With aviation accounting for over a quarter of our entire projected carbon footprint, our multi-million-dollar investment in SAF will significantly improve our overall environmental impact, with the industry-leading technology further assisting our journey towards Net Zero.

SAF will become a significant component of our team’s sustainability strategy, reflecting our desire to drive the change within Formula One for more sustainable racing. Our purchase of Sustainable Aviation Fuel will be used for our indirect Scope 3 aviation emissions, which are excluded from the Formula One cost cap, such as flights to Grand Prix locations and other business air travel.

By purchasing SAF claims, we will be able to achieve close to 50% reduction in our race team personnel air travel footprint and will continue to offset our remaining aviation carbon emissions with Gold Standard offsets whilst we work with the industry to scale SAF availability.

While current SAF production and availability are limited, the opportunity is immense. We hope that using our powerful global platform to support the development and growth of the SAF market will showcase SAF’s potential and prove to other industries how great an impact it can have. Through our commitment, we hope to encourage others to do the same, driving further investment in SAF production.

Toto Wolff, Team Principal and CEO of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team said: “Sustainable Aviation Fuel has the potential to transform the way we travel and the impact that we have on the environment. This is a topic that I think about a great deal personally as well as professionally. I fly a lot; the team flies a lot. If we must fly, then we need to find a better way to do so and SAF is the best solution available to the aviation industry right now. We aim to be on the cutting edge of change, using our global motorsport platform as a model for a more sustainable and diversified future.”

Alice Ashpitel, Sustainability & Environmental Manager at the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team commented: “Our aim is to embed sustainability in every decision we make and action we take. We believe that Sustainable Aviation Fuel can change the way that sports and businesses more generally, as some of the biggest users of aviation, can exert a positive influence on the outside world. We hope to play a leading role in showcasing what’s possible with SAF and prove to other industries what can be achieved.”


1 Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) (

Our Annual Sustainability Report will be published in August 2022, containing further information on the team’s achievements, commitments, and our strategy to reach SBTi-verified Net Zero.

Key Sustainability Milestones:

    Our operations have been carbon neutral since 2020, using Gold Standard carbon offsets provided by MyClimate, supporting wind and solar projects in Turkey and Dominican Republic.
    We achieved a 98% reduction in Scope 1 & 2 footprint between 2018 and 2021.
    Our 50% emissions reduction target in Scope 1, 2 and partial Scope 3 (by 2022 from 2018 baseline) has been exceeded. We achieved a 58% emissions reduction by 2021.
    First public sustainability report published in August 2021 including our CO2 footprint details.
    Achieved and maintained externally verified certifications: ISO14001, FIA 3*Accreditation.
    First sports team to commit to setting a Science Based Target and SBTi Net Zero Standard in November 2021.

All other Daimler AG discussion / Blitz-Reisen adds to Setra fleet
« Last post by fasteddy on July 26, 2022, 04:32:37 PM »
Stuttgart / Overath. Blitz-Reisen GmbH from Overath has expanded its fleet with three Setra coaches. With two new S 516 HDH and one S 517 HDH, this company based in North Rhine-Westphalia now operates ten Setra vehicles – all of them TopClass coaches. These 5-star vehicles are used throughout Europe by Blitz-Reisen and sometimes stay in the same place – including the Canary Islands – for several weeks.

Every driver benefits from this streamlined TopClass fleet. “They can be deployed flexibly, as they are very familiar with Setra coaches,” says Managing Director Bernd Rubarth, who has relied on this premium brand from Ulm for a quarter of a century.

The new S 516 HDH with 46 seats and the S 517 HDH with 50 seats are equipped with a glass roof and the latest multichannel sound systems as well as all the safety and comfort systems currently available from Setra.

Blitz-Reisen GmbH has been a partner of the Setra brand since 1992. Founded in 1986, Blitz-Reisen relies on consistency when it comes to the service life of its vehicles. After around six years, they are replaced by new Setra TopClass coaches.
Events & Get Togethers / “Rocket Bunny Meets Turbo Tiger”
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Animals everywhere: when you take a closer look, many cars from Mercedes‑Benz have a connection to the animal kingdom. Think of terms such as honeycomb radiator, tail fin and gull wing. So what’s behind all this? Children aged 6 to 11 will be able to find out, at this year’s “Rocket Bunny Meets Turbo Tiger” summer holiday programme at the Museum. This will take the form of a series of half-day workshops, from 2 to 26 August 2022: always from Tuesday to Friday, either in the morning (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or in the afternoon (2 p.m. to 5 p.m.).

The young participants begin by embarking on a voyage of discovery through the permanent exhibition, where they explore the details of the vehicles on display from throughout the history of the brand dating back to 1886. Where can they find exciting comparisons between headlamps, radiator grilles and other elements, for example, and motifs from the animal kingdom?

After this explorer tour, the children move on to the Museum’s CAMPUS, where they can let their imagination run wild and render the ideas they have gathered in artistic form to design their very own car of the future. This personal vehicle is drawn with coloured pens and crafted as a small model using a variety of materials. For the holiday workshops, the Museum is once again collaborating with the Unteres Remstal Art School.

Registration for “Rocket Bunny Meets Turbo Tiger” is possible from Monday to Saturday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. by calling +49 (0) 711 17 30 000 – or by email to Each discovery group comprises a maximum of 15 children. Participation costs 10 euros and is paid on the day of the event in the museum.
Formula One / 2022 French Grand Prix - Sunday
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Lewis Hamilton

What a great result, considering we have been so far off all weekend and that I missed FP1. I wasn’t expecting to fight for second place or a podium, so this is a wonderful result for us. Our team has been amazing when it comes to reliability and it shows that with dedication and focus, we can slowly make our way up. We don’t have the same pace yet as the two teams at the front but today we were able to keep one of them at bay so a great result for us, everyone has worked really hard. Huge congratulations to the teams back at the factories and the team here. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible and I’m proud of them. And George did an amazing job today, too.
George Russell

It was a long and tough race. Our pace was strong, but we really struggled with the warm-up of the tyres on the restart and Checo was strong today. I was glad to see the chequered flag and come home P3. We’re making a lot of progress and we really need to improve our qualifying performance as we’re lacking consistency. We know as a team we struggle with the tyre warm-up and at the restart I struggled with the same issue. Our race pace today was reasonable and we’re getting closer to the front. We’re doing everything we can to improve the performance of the car and we believe we are on the right path, so we’re excited what the next races can bring for us. We’re making progress and there is still more to come, thanks to everyone back at the factories in Brackley and Brixworth for their hard work and dedication.
Toto Wolff

Overall, the drivers did a really good job and the team effort was great today. We’re extracting the maximum that is possible on race day currently. George was clever and fast, while Lewis was fighting like a lion. Lewis is absolutely on it and keeps pushing the team. He keeps his positive mindset, even on grim days like yesterday and he never stops pushing. But we need to stay humble, because our car is just not good enough to fight with the teams in the front. We’re lacking six to seven tenths to the leaders. In qualifying we struggle to bring the tyres into the optimum window and don’t manage to extract the most from the first flying lap. And then in the race, we lose three seconds at the start of the race, but once we stabilise, we are actually not so bad. We still have a lot of work to do, but I believe we have the best people to do so. All in all, today was a great team effort at track and back at the factories and we’re heading in the right direction.
Andrew Shovlin

That was our best race of the year and really pleasing to see both drivers racing at the front. We know that we’ve got a long road ahead of us but compared to where we were a couple of months ago in Monaco and Baku, it’s really satisfying to see the team and drivers having a bit of fun again. The weekend hasn’t been easy, our qualifying positions weren’t far off expectation, but the gaps to Charles and Max were eye opening. We’d hoped that the car would be kind on the tyres today, the conditions were very tough given the circuit and the temperature but degradation was good and whilst we are lacking a bit of pace, we at least seemed a bit stronger towards the end of the stints. We’ve only got a couple of days to try and regroup and prepare for Budapest. Hard work has got us to a level where we can fight for a place on the podium but we want to be fighting for the top step. We’ve got one race to go before the summer break so we will be pushing hard to try and finish the first half of the season on a high note.
Formula One / 2022 French Grand Prix - Friday
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George Russell

It was quite enjoyable to be back out there at this track as it’s quite a fun one in certain aspects. Some teams struggled more than others with the high temperatures. We only did five consecutive laps but we’re also probably a bit further off the pace than what we had hoped for. We have work to do tonight here at the track and back at the factories. There’s a lot to go over and we need to make sure we can optimise our pace for tomorrow. From the running today, it looks like we’re finding time but all the other teams keep bringing updates too, and the whole grid moves forward. So, although we’re finding time, our competitors do as well. And we need to look at the data to see if our upgrades are working as sometimes it’s not as simple as just seeing it on the lap charts.
Lewis Hamilton

Nyck did a strong job this morning, he was great out there and I’m grateful for the work he did. We made some changes from FP1 to FP2 which is crazy considering I haven’t even driven the car yet. We still have a lot of work to do, we’re not spectacular here and I don’t know why, so hopefully overnight, we can make a little bit of a step forward as we’re further behind than what we anticipated for this weekend. We need to dig deep into the data, but it looks like were lacking downforce today. It wasn’t the best session for me, mostly because I missed the first one. I tried to get up to speed, but it was very hot here and there are a lot of slow laps so overall, I think I did alright.
Nyck de Vries

I’m very grateful for the opportunity, it was a great experience. Obviously, it was very cool to be back in such a fast car and a bit of a reset of what I’m used to. All in all, a great session and great opportunity. We went through all test items and managed to do quite a bit of work for the team. It was a good session, it felt quickly on the pace and I felt comfortable with the car. The team was very supportive, and we got the information that we needed. Lewis was amazing and also very supportive. I also had Angela by my side as well which was really sweet.  So overall a very productive session.
Andrew Shovlin

Firstly, Nyck did a great job for us in the morning session. Considering how little time he’s had in the car, it was impressive how quick and consistent he was. We used the session to get through a test programme varying the car specification each run and we’ve acquired some useful learning on the back of it. George was evaluating some update parts through the first session and wasn’t particularly happy with the balance of the car but managed to get it closer to his liking in the afternoon. This is the first time that one of the race drivers has had to sit out an FP1 session and Lewis had his work cut out trying to recover the lost time – he wasn’t particularly happy with where the car was and we need to work on that overnight, but we’ve got a pretty good idea of where we want to go on setup.  For one reason and another, we didn’t get as much work done on high fuel as we’d have liked so we don’t really know how we compare to RedBull and Ferrari but we do at least look closer to them than to the midfield.  We’re not expecting to be on their pace tomorrow, both those teams looks like they are very strong on a single lap, especially Ferrari but hopefully we can get a bit closer in the race on Sunday.
Formula One / 2022 French Grand Prix - Preview
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Toto Talks France

Third and fourth in Austria was a satisfying result for the whole team, particularly given the position we were in on Friday evening. The team worked miracles to have two complete race cars ready for the Sprint and Grand Prix. 27 points on Sunday were a good reward for that effort.

We scored three podiums in the first seven races, and we have now achieved four in the last four. I’m pleased with the momentum we are building, and it reflects the mammoth effort of the team. Our understanding of the W13 is growing with every lap and it’s encouraging to see that reflected in our development and results.

While we were quicker in Austria, we still weren’t quick enough to challenge at the front. We need to keep chasing those final few tenths and bringing new developments to the cars, including this weekend in France.

Paul Ricard is a very different track and challenge. It has smooth tarmac and a wide range of corner types, along with long straights. The aim will be to make further inroads on the gap to the front and hopefully be back on the podium.

Nyck is replacing Lewis in first practice this weekend, as part of the allocated sessions for young drivers this year. So, we’re looking forward to seeing how he gets on.

Fact File: French Grand Prix

    Nyck de Vries will be driving in place of Lewis Hamilton in FP1. Over the course of the season, each driver is required to give up one of their first practice sessions for a young driver. Lewis has selected FP1 in France for his session, and George’s will take place later in the season.
    The French Grand Prix returned to the F1 calendar in 2018 at the Circuit Paul Ricard, a track that features 247 possible track configurations – ranging from 0.8 km to 5.86 km – and includes its own sprinkler system, making it possible to simulate wet weather driving on 64 of the different layouts. This variety of configurations makes Paul Ricard interesting as a test track because you can make it something akin to Monza or Monaco or a combination of both circuits.
    F1 will be run at the Circuit Paul Ricard for the 18th time this season. Three different track variants have been used for hosting F1 races the years, including the 5.810 km layout (1971-1985), the 3.813 km (1986-1990) and the 5.842 km (since 2018). This year will see the circuit draw level with Magny-Cours as the venue to host the most French Grands Prix.
    The Circuit Paul Ricard has been regularly resurfaced with fresh tarmac and provides a high grip level, compared to other tracks in F1. Plus, the tarmac is very dark in colour, which is why it gets so hot in the sun and can reach temperatures approaching 55°C, one of the year’s highest figures.
    The Circuit Paul Ricard has an extremely smooth asphalt. However, smooth tarmac also means while tyres don’t wear out as quickly, they are much more difficult to warm up – although the normally high temperatures experienced at the track should help with getting heat into tyres.
    Although the track is generally very smooth, there is one heavy bump. Turn 5 was remodelled for the 2021 season with the intention to make it a slightly banked entry towards the apex, similar to Turn 4 in Austria but in the end there is now a bump where the track drops away from the car between Turn 4 and Turn 5.
    Of the 15 turns, 6 are left-hand and 9 are right-handers. Many of the right-hand corners are long sweeping turns, which puts a great deal of stress on front left tyres. All in all, the Circuit Paul Ricard has a good mix of fast, medium and slow corners.
    One of the circuit’s special features are its brightly coloured run‑off zones which offer plenty of grip and replace the more usual gravel traps. The blue zone is not especially abrasive and has only a small negative effect on cars going off track while the red zone close to the barriers has a much coarser texture and slows cars down. Both of these distinctive zones use tarmac combined with tungsten to create an abrasive surface that helps reduce car speeds when they exceed track limits.
    At 424 metres in length, the pit lane is the third-longest on the current Formula One calendar – only Imola and Silverstone are longer.
    Through the long and sweeping Turn 11, drivers are subjected to maximum lateral g-forces of around 4.6g.
    Brake cooling at Paul Ricard is not as critical as at some other circuits, because there is enough track between braking zones to allow pads and discs to cool down sufficiently, so overheating is not a particular problem.
Smart / Re: smart couple globe trotter.
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North America tour. From Alaska through Vancouver to Southern California to New York.

First stop at Flying Tiger Development to prepare for the long journey.
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