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Stuttgart / Moscow – Mercedes-Benz is starting construction work for a new fully flexible passenger car plant, thereby strengthening Daimler’s industrial commitment in Russia, which so far has concentrated on commercial vehicle production. “Establishing a passenger car production in Russia is a strategic investment in an important sales market for Mercedes-Benz. We are extending our local footprint and, at the same time, strengthening our global competitiveness,” said Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisonal Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain, during the groundbreaking ceremony.

The new passenger car plant in the Moscow region is scheduled to start local production in 2019 beginning with the E-Class Sedan, which sets new standards as the most intelligent sedan in the business class with technical innovations such as partially automated driving. The SUV models GLE, GLC and GLS will follow subsequently. In total, the company is investing more than 250 million euros in the location. Production will be managed by the newly founded company Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing RUS (MBMR), headed by Axel Bense. “With the fully flexible production of the E-Class Sedan and the SUV models, we will produce our bestsellers for the regional market at the Moscovia plant. I am convinced that Axel Bense, who has many years of experience in the Russian market, will implement the project very successfully,” Schäfer continued.

With a broad sales network and a large range of models, Mercedes-Benz 2016 was the automotive premium brand with the most registrations in Russia for the fourth year in a row. In the last ten years, the company has quadrupled its passenger car sales in Russia.

“The construction of the new production location of Mercedes-Benz here in Russia is the result of a constructive dialogue with Daimler AG. The commitment of such a large investor and the planned passenger car production are a sign of confidence in the stability of the Russian market and the political direction the Russian government has set for the automotive industry,” says Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Andrej Vorobjov, Governor of the Moscow region, adds “The new Mercedes-Benz passenger car plant is a project of great importance for us and we highly appreciate the cooperation and partnership with this important automotive company. We are ready to render all assistance and provide all the conditions required in order to ensure that the first vehicles will be produced as planned in 2019. Mercedes-Benz will bring a significant investment to the region and create technology-intensive jobs. We have already selected the educational organizations to provide training for specialists to work at the plant.”

The Moscow region is characterized by very good logistical connections, the proximity to the capital and the availability of highly qualified manpower. The new Moscovia passenger car plant is part of the Esipovo industrial park and will cover all production steps from body shop to paint shop and final assembly on a land area of around 85 hectares.

“Establishing the first Mercedes-Benz Cars production site in Russia is an exciting challenge for me, which I am happy to meet along with my team. We have a close relationship with our Russian partners from politics and economy and look forward to continuing our successful cooperation. As a good corporate citizen, we also want to get involved with the people of the Moscow region and become part of the community,” says site manager Axel Bense.

Convertible factory with Industry 4.0 technologies

At the new passenger car plant, Mercedes-Benz is implementing a “ full-flex assembly” and state-of-the-art technologies into the production system. The production facilities are configured for maximum flexibility, so that several architectures can be produced on one assembly line. An autonomous material flow and convertible plant technology allow to react to customer demand even faster. Through the use of warehouse baskets for supplying the assembly lines, different model series and derivatives can be integrated into series production. A so-called “one-roof concept” enables fast throughput times between the shops, efficient production and short distances for the employees. Further Industry 4.0 measures are being implemented in the form of innovative IT technologies. The Moscovia plant will be connected with all Mercedes-Benz sites around the world which means that every single system and robot can be controlled and reprogrammed remotely. Environment- and resource-friendly production will be implemented, for instance, through the concept of a paperless factory, heat recovery in the paintshop and the use of electric fork-lifts in plant logistics. Another major success factor is the Mercedes-Benz production system, which ensures efficient processes and high quality at all sites worldwide.

Qualification within the network

More than 1,000 new jobs are being created at the site. Selecting and recruiting its employees, Mercedes-Benz is working closely with regional and national authorities as well as employment agencies. The recruitment process with a focus on the Moscow region will start at the end of 2017. “We want to employ the best people for our plant. Selected employees will also be systematically trained at our existing plants in order to pass on their knowledge as multipliers to their colleagues. Thus, we are ensuring that we can produce in top quality all over the world and make optimum use of our know-how in the global production network,” says Schäfer.

About Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations

Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations is responsible for passenger car production at 29 locations around the world as part of a flexible and efficient production network involving round about 78,000 employees. This includes the central functions of production planning, technology fabric, logistics, and quality. Mercedes-Benz Cars produced more than two million Mercedes-Benz and smart passenger cars last year, marking the sixth record in a row. The network is based on the product architectures of front-wheel drive (compact cars) and rear-wheel drive (for example the S-Class, E-Class, and C-Class) as well as the SUV and sports car architectures. In addition, there is a powertrain production compound (engines, transmissions, axles and components). Each of these production compounds is grouped around a lead plant that serves as a center of competence for the ramp-up of new products, technology and quality assurance. The focus of day-to-day work is on the continuous improvement and refinement of state-of-the-art production methods, which allow future high-tech vehicles to be produced in a way that is efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly, according to the typical Mercedes-Benz quality standards. All of this revolves around the employees and their expertise, whose work is systematically supported by ergonomic workplace design and intelligent automation. In addition to its own production plants, Mercedes-Benz is increasingly leveraging partnerships and utilizing capacities at contract manufacturers as part of its growth strategy.
Events & Get Togethers / MBCA - Legends of the Autobahn 2017
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MBCA - Legends of the Autobahn
Friday, August 18, 2017
Nicklaus Club-Monterey, Monterey, CA

Registration ends in 2 months on August 7, 2017 11:59 PM PDT

Welcome to the MBCA Legends of the Autobahn(r) 2017 presented by Michelin. The Mercedes-Benz Club of America invites you to be part of this very popular event. Co-hosted by MBCA, BMW Car Club of America, and Audi Club North America, this one-day MBCA national special event is the best venue to see classic Mercedes-Benz automobiles during Monterey Car Week.

Join us this year we celebrate 50 Years of AMG!  Automobiles with AMG modifications will be displayed on the show field, along with AMG vehicles from Mercedes-Benz USA and Mercedes-Benz Classic Center.

We're also pleased to welcome back Keith Martin, editor and publisher of Sports Car Market, as emcee.  Legends of the Autobahn is presented at the prestigious Nicklaus Club in Monterey, California.

MBCA members are invited to show their Mercedes-Benz in the Concours, Corral, or the Silver Star Preservation Class:

    Judged Concours:  All Mercedes-Benz models from 1997 and older are welcome in the eight judged Concours classes. Vehicles will compete for Best in Class, Best of Marque, along with People's Choice and other special awards. A $75 registration fee applies to cars in the Concours classes.
        Class 1: 1886-1962 Vintage Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster
        Class 2: 1886-1959 Vintage Sedans, Coupes
        Class 3: 1963-1971 Classic Cabriolet, Coupe, Roadster
        Class 4: 1960-1971 Classic Sedan and Station Wagon
        Class 5: 1972-1997  Modern Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster
        Class 6: 1972-1997  Modern Coupe, Sedan and Station Wagon
        Class 7:  1967-1991 AMG Pre-Merger
        Class 8:  1992-1997 AMG Post-Merger
        Class 9:  1967-2017 Modern AMG, AMG Tributes/Clones, or Modified (cars displayed on the Concours show field, not judged. Automobiles will be eligible for Special Awards)
    Display-only Car Corral: Mercedes-Benz models of all ages are welcome in Corral. The three car clubs will have separate Concours judging, but the corral area will combine all three marques. A $40 registration fee applies to cars entered into the corral.
    Silver Star Preservation: This special class is for members who want to show their well-preserved, largely original, and unrestored-since-new Mercedes-Benz on the Concours field, but not have it judged. It is intended for driver-quality cars that have withstood the ravages of time, climate, and daily driving. To enter this class, your car must be 25 or more years old, be in good working order, driven to this event under its own power, and be largely original (including engine and drivetrain). Partial refurbishments of various components are acceptable, but not complete restorations (those should register in a judged class 1-7).  An MBCA judge will evaluate the vehicle, and after it is certified, the owner will receive a special Silver Star Certificate in recognition of the preservation of originality and maintenance of functionality.  A $60 registration fee will apply for entries in the Silver Star Preservation Class.

A breakfast buffet, lunch, and event shirts are optional and can be purchased during your registration on the following pages.

You can also visit the special manufacturers’ displays, food and beverage tents, a biergarten, club and vendor booths, and more. For 2017, more Food Trucks and restrooms are being added.

Register your car now, and spend a fun-filled day with other enthusiasts among beautiful cars!
Daimler Business / Second large order within two weeks
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Stuttgart / Recife – Mercedes-Benz do Brasil has sold 200 urban buses to the northeastern city of Recife, the second large order within a short period of time: Just last week the Brazilian Daimler subsidiary announced an order of more than 500 trucks.

Recife wants to modernize its fleet with the new urban buses. The Urbano is known for excellent comfort and high safety. Fleet operators value the Urbano because of its great reliability, low maintenance cost and economic fuel consumption. The model has been sold more than 46,500 times since its market launch in 1998.

Despite the continuously difficult economic situation and declining commercial vehicle markets in the past years, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil was able to sell approximately 1,400 buses in the first quarter of 2017 and thereby defend its leading position in the Brazilian bus market. At the end of March 2017 the market share of the bus with star was 42 percent. In the Brazilian Northeast, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil currently has a market share of more than 50 percent.
Stuttgart / Chennai - Less than five years after its market introduction, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles is passing a major milestone: 50,000 BharatBenz trucks are already on Indian roads. In addition, more than 10,000 trucks have been exported to more than 30 markets since. This kind of ramp-up has never been achieved by another market entrant in India before. BharatBenz was created specifically for the Indian market. The Indian Commercial Vehicles brand from Daimler also recently completed the full-range portfolio update with the launch of the all-new BharatBenz heavy-duty range. Furthermore, India has become an important export hub for Daimler Trucks since 2013. Export numbers have doubled for several years in a row and build the ground for the next big step: The start of a new sub-9-ton truck for markets in the Middle East in the third quarter this year.

Strong standing in the world’s toughest CV market

With the market launch of the BharatBenz brand, Daimler had dared a bold step into the world’s toughest commercial vehicle market – dominated by long standing domestic brands. This courage pays off now: While India had not even been part of the Top Ten markets for Daimler Trucks until 2014, it now ranks as fifth important market for Daimler Trucks worldwide – with 13,100 units sold in 2016.

Global hub serving more than 30 markets with export vehicles

Besides the strong domestic standing, India serves as an important export hub: 10,000 trucks have been exported from DICV’s state-of-the-art production plant at Oragadam near Chennai since the start of the vehicle exports in June 2013. In 2016, exports from India again doubled up to more than 4,000 units. The FUSO and Mercedes-Benz vehicles for export are manufactured on the same production lines as the domestic BharatBenz portfolio. The trucks already get exported to more than 30 markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Within this year, this number will grow up to 40 markets on three continents, including Bahrain and markets in Africa and Latin America. All exported trucks are leading in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency and fulfil the diverse requirements of customers in the different target markets.

Complete update of the Indian truck portfolio

With the launch of the all-new BharatBenz heavy-duty truck range in April 2017, DICV completed the update of the whole domestic truck portfolio in less than five years since the market launch. Productivity, efficiency and safety are the core topics of the new portfolio. The new heavy-duty range vehicles bring real benefits for the Indian customers with improvements in fuel efficiency by a double-digit percentage combined with lower maintenance costs.

BharatBenz also clearly led the India’s CV segment in the country’s recent transition to the new BS-IV emissions standard. The whole BharatBenz portfolio had already been available with BS-IV from August 2015. When the full transition to BS-IV vehicles became reality on 1st of April 2017, BharatBenz already had delivered more than 1,000 vehicles with this new standard to customers. The BS-IV solution is based on proven SCR technology, which is used in Mercedes-Benz trucks since years and constantly evolving. 

BharatBenz – made in India, made for India

The BharatBenz brand is customer-tailored for the Indian market and its demanding customer requirements. First unveiled in February 2011, it celebrated its market launch in September 2012. Soon featuring a full-fledged product portfolio in the medium- and heavy-duty segments, the brand crossed the first major milestone of 10,000 units in April 2014 and has further accelerated its growth from there. With the update of the medium-duty range in 2016 and the all-new heavy-duty range in 2017, BharatBenz updated its entire truck portfolio within a short span to give customers even more value for their money. BharatBenz products are sold and serviced through a pan-Indian network of more than 130 touchpoints which is continuously expanded further also beyond the tier-2 and tier-3 cities.
Formula One / 2017 Canadian Grand Prix - Sunday
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Lewis Hamilton
It’s been such an incredible weekend.  I just couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone and I’m so grateful for this result. We came away from Monaco and we were scratching our heads, but we pulled together and look what we achieved. We came here with a much better understanding of the car and we delivered a real blow to the Ferraris. Valtteri did a fantastic job too and this is our first one-two finish together. We’ve scored a big load of solid points and it’s well deserved. It’s crazy to think I had my first pole and win here 10 years ago. The race actually felt very reminiscent of 2007, in terms of how it unfolded. It’s a long race here, especially when you’re out there on your own, but I knew the car would hold together and it did perfectly.

Valtteri Bottas
I’m so happy for us as a team to bounce back the way we did this weekend. It’s so impressive to see how the team has reacted in the last two weeks – how it’s worked and improved. I’ve never seen a group of people so determined to win and to get back on top, so to get the one-two finish today, it’s amazing. I tried my best to be aggressive and to get ahead of the Ferraris off the start and it worked, but I had a bit of a lock-up there which compromised my first stint. I lost some time behind the Red Bull and then the Force India after the stop, so we went for the Soft tyre for the second stint, but I didn’t quite have the pace. But I brought the car home for some great points.

Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

That feels absolutely great. We have finally taken a 1-2 finish and done so at a track that we expected would be difficult for us – and which certainly was for us last year. Lewis delivered a stellar performance this weekend: a pole lap that was almost scary when you watch the onboard, then a totally dominant race. Likewise, Valtteri struggled with the car yesterday but he got everything right today to complete a perfect day for our team. Ever since Monaco, the guys and girls in the factory have been flat out. There was no weekend and people working 24/7 to better understand our problems – credit goes to so many people. So to bounce back in this way shows the calibre of the group that we have in the team. But the secret to this weekend was to keep the ball flat, stay calm, analyse our problems and come up with solutions. So this is the time to keep our feet on the ground, keep working hard and take it one race at a time. We saw some encouraging signs today but we need to working in just the same way to translate them into more success in Baku.

James Allison, Technical Director

Not every Grand Prix win can deliver the same breathless cut and thrust of the race we saw one month ago in Barcelona – but this is nonetheless an extremely satisfying team result after the disappointment of Monaco a fortnight ago. We came racing back on all cylinders here and made important headway in both championships. It’s our first one-two finish of this season and will allow us to approach the next race in Baku with a spring in our step.
Formula One / 2017 Canadian Grand Prix - Saturday
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Lewis Hamilton
Honestly, I’m so happy. Montreal has been very good to me over the years. It was such a close battle with the Ferraris - they have been so quick this weekend. I dug down deep… It was a great lap, a sexy lap! I can't quite believe that it all came together so well. After such a tough time in Monaco, we learned from our mistakes. I owe this one to all the team back at the factories in Brackley and Brixworth. I was just shaking when I was presented with Ayrton’s helmet. For many of you, Ayrton was your favourite driver. He was mine too. To receive this and match his record is a great honour.

Valtteri Bottas
Firstly, a big congratulations to Lewis for his 65th pole position today. It’s a great achievement to match Senna. I was really trying hard, but it was a tricky day for me. I struggled with the balance of the car and wasn’t really happy in FP3. We made some changes and the car was much better in qualifying, but then in Q3 when it came down to getting those last hundredths and tenths, the car became unstable again. I just couldn’t get that lap together. The long runs seem okay though, so once again, I’m expecting it to be very close in the race with Ferrari. It’s all about tomorrow.

Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport
I’m very pleased indeed with how the team has worked this weekend. We have improved the car from session to session, made good decisions with the set-up and, with a sensational lap from Lewis on top, pole is the reward. We spent the first half of qualifying working out which timed lap was the optimum for tyre performance and, in the end, settled on the first timed lap. It was all on the line for Lewis in that final run, so to find three tenths was very impressive; it takes him to a very significant milestone in his career, level with Ayrton Senna in terms of pole positions, which I know means a lot to him. For Valtteri, third on the grid is a strong starting position but he wasn’t as comfortable with the car today. It was very closely matched with Ferrari and I’m sure we will see more of the same tomorrow. I am always the skeptic when it comes to making predictions – but that’s the mind-set we need to cover all the bases tonight and have a strong race.

James Allison, Technical Director

This is another race weekend where we knew that we were right in the fight – but had no idea if we had enough performance to put our car on pole position. What makes it such a sweet feeling is to see two immaculate laps and a really commanding performance from Lewis. Valtteri was unable to improve on his final run, but nevertheless retained a strong P3 which puts us in good stead for the Grand Prix. The feeling of being on pole is absolutely fantastic but, of course, we have it all to do again tomorrow.
Formula One / 2017 Canadian Grand Prix - Friday
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Lewis Hamilton
It’s been a pretty good first day for the team. The Ferraris are looking fast here and as the times show, it’s super close at the top right now. I feel like we are still just a little bit behind the red cars at this early stage of the weekend, but we’ll be pushing as hard as we can to close the gap ahead of qualifying on Saturday. After a tough weekend in Monaco, the main thing is that our car is already feeling a lot better around Montreal. It should be game on for the rest of the weekend.

Valtteri Bottas
After Monaco it was really nice to start this weekend with a positive feeling from the car. I think that we are looking quite competitive here, but it’s only practice. After practice two, it’s clear we still have a bit more work to do with the UltraSoft tyre to get more laptime out of those. But the car felt good on the Soft tyres that I tried. We’ll focus on finding that edge of extra performance from the UltraSoft and fine-tuning the set-up overnight. Otherwise I really enjoyed it and had good fun out there, but it’s the next two days that count.

James Allison, Technical Director

We had a trouble-free day with both cars which allowed us to get through our planned practice programme. As always on the first day in Canada, conditions were tricky owing to the low grip levels and the circuit seemed particularly dirty today. That factor, plus the number of cars on a short lap, made it difficult to put together consistent and meaningful running. Nevertheless, what we have seen so far suggests that we will have another ding-dong battle on our hands, like at the first six races – and it is very hard to predict who will come up with the goods on Sunday.
Stuttgart / São Bernardo do Campo – Mercedes-Benz do Brasil delivered 524 trucks to one of the three biggest Brazilian energy companies. The 6x4 off-road versions of the Atego and Axor series will be handed over to Raízen until September 2017. Performance, reliability and latest digital technologies were crucial for the decision to purchase. The trucks are equipped with the innovative telematics system FleetBoard. It enables customers to minimize maintenance time by offering an analysis of vehicle performance, consumption as well as driver behavior. The order is complemented by a complete service and maintenance package.

Despite the continuously difficult economic situation and declining commercial vehicle markets in the past years, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil was once again able to strengthen its leading position in the Brazilian truck market in the first quarter of 2017. At the end of March 2017 the market share of the truck with star was 29.8 percent.
Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz increased its unit sales by a double-digit rate once again in May, selling 193,741 vehicles worldwide (+13.5%). Thanks to growth of 14.3%, a total of 934,965 cars with the three-pointed star were delivered to customers all over the world since the beginning of the year. This means that compared with the first five months of last year, over 100,000 more customers decided in favour of a Mercedes-Benz. In May, the Stuttgart-based company with the star was the premium brand with the most new registrations in the European markets Germany and Switzerland as well as in the markets Japan, Australia, Taiwan, the USA, Canada and Mexico.

“Along with the rising temperatures in Europe, many customers fulfilled their wish for a cabriolet, roadster or coupé from Mercedes-Benz. This was especially the case in Germany in May,” stated Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing and Sales. “In addition to our dream cars, the E-Class is also extremely popular with customers in Germany. Car sales in our domestic market increased by more than 17 percent in May.”

Mercedes-Benz unit sales by region and market

In Europe, Mercedes-Benz set new records in May and in the first five months of the year. Thanks to a growth rate of 13.7%, sales increased last month to 84,472 units. In Germany alone, 27,413 customers took delivery of their new Mercedes-Benz, which is 4,000 more than in May 2016 (+17.4%). Great Britain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and Norway recorded new best sales figures last month – in some cases with growth rates of over 25%.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Mercedes-Benz set another sales record with 72,095 vehicles delivered to customers last month (+25.5%). In May and in the first five months of the year, more cars with the three-pointed star were sold there than ever before. China made a considerable contribution to this success: 50,015 vehicles were handed over to customers in May, which is 32.2% more than in the prior-year month. In addition to China, new sales records were set also in the markets South Korea, Australia, Taiwan and India – both last month and since the beginning of the year.

In the first five months of the year, more automobiles with the three-pointed star were sold in the NAFTA region than ever before in that period (158,505 units, +1.4%). Unit sales in the USA since the beginning of the year are at about the prior-year level, with 132,966 vehicles delivered. Since May, the new GLA has been at the dealerships in the USA, its second-largest sales market. In Canada and Mexico, Mercedes-Benz set new sales records in May and in the period of January to May.

Mercedes-Benz unit sales by model

Demand for the A- and B-Class, the CLA, CLA Shooting Brake and the GLA continues to be on a high level. From January to May, nearly 250,000 compact cars from Mercedes-Benz were handed over to customers all over the world. And last month, the three-millionth A-Class was delivered. The success story of the Mercedes-Benz compact cars started with the A-Class 20 years ago at the plant in Rastatt, Germany, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Another sales milestone was set in May: 500,000 customers have already decided in favour of the GLA since the launch of the compact SUV in 2014.

The E-Class Saloon and Estate continue to be in strong demand all over the world. Sales of those models increased by 75.4% to 30,866 units, a new high for a May. Sales of the Estate almost doubled compared with the prior-year month.

Sales of the coupés, cabriolets and roadsters with the star were up by 30.7% in May at a total of 14,945 units. The bestsellers among the dream cars were the C-Class Coupé and C-Class Cabriolet. The S-Class Cabriolet recorded especially strong growth, while the new E-Class Cabriolet will be launched in late summer.


A total of 12,201 customers decided in favour of a two-door or four-door model from smart last month. The smart customers were especially attracted by the convertible version of the smart fortwo, which offers great open-top driving fun. And since May, the battery-electric version of the smart cabrio has been available to order in Europe. In the Asia-Pacific region, sales of the smart fortwo and forfour were higher than ever before in a May.
Formula One / 2017 Canadian Grand Prix - Preview
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Toto Talks Canada

“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games, so said Babe Ruth and he was right. Every season the points reset to zero and, with new regulations like we had this year, historic success doesn’t translate into current performance. We’ve come into this season with a strong car that has allowed us to win three of the first six races. But it has also caused us more complications than we have seen in previous years.

“I had an encounter on Sunday afternoon in Monaco with someone I really respect who asked how I felt after the defeat. I told them how much it hurt and their response was “that’s motor racing”. This is the reality of the situation now. We have to fight with all that we are worth for every single win, pole position, podium finish and every point. You can no longer expect that when you look at a timesheet the two Mercedes will be right at the top.

“Everybody at the factories is working absolutely flat out to assess the current difficulties we are facing – to define our objectives, work with the data we have and then come up with the right solutions. Some of these fixes will be short term, others may take longer. We’ve had bruising weekends before and it’s about showing resilience and getting up after falling. I remember the troubles we had in Singapore in 2015, which hurt badly. We gave ourselves a deadline to address that setback before switching our focus to the next race in Suzuka, which we won. We’ve done exactly the same thing after Monaco – addressing the problems before turning our attention to Montréal. We know that this season is a marathon, not a sprint.

“I’m expecting an interesting weekend in Canada. It could be a tricky race for us in terms of the layout of the track. But, equally, it’s a circuit that suits both of our drivers. Lewis has won a number of times in the past and Valtteri has always gone strongly there for Williams. It will be about doing our homework right to give the drivers the car they need to succeed. We have two excellent drivers and we will hold true to our philosophy of letting them race each other to drive the team forward – even if sometimes it can be difficult because you can’t always have the one who is ahead in the Championship winning.

“It’s painful, but we are not the favourites for this year’s Championship. At the moment it’s Ferrari. They have a very strong package and we need to rise to the challenge to prove once again that we are the team to beat. There are still 14 races left and everything is completely open. We’re looking forward to Montréal and the chance to bounce back with a strong result – hopefully producing valuable answers to some tough questions in the process.”& lt; /p>

Featured this Week: Battle of the Brakes

Few circuits on the calendar test the stopping power of a Formula One car quite like Montréal. Drivers spend 60% of the fast, semi-permanent, street-style lap at full throttle, before hammering the anchors into the several heavy braking zones – making Montréal one of the highest energy circuits for brakes on the entire calendar.

With its near perfect blend of high-speed straights broken up by tight corners, drivers hit an average pedal load per lap in excess of 750kg at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. That’s 52,500kg pedal load on average over a 70 lap race, with a peak of over 120kg as they stamp on the brakes into Turn 13.

This braking effect is amplified by the high-speed nature of the circuit, as teams run their cars in a low-drag guise in Montréal. Teams chase high speeds down those long straights, meaning cars are braking from an even greater velocity with less aerodynamic drag to help slow them down under braking. This scenario is even worse when a tail wind picks up along the two main straights, increasing outright top speeds to over 327km/h.

Montréal features seven heavy braking zones, with Turn 13 – the sharp-flick right through the chicane which opens up into the run along the infamous Wall of Champions – the most severe. The drivers approach that final chicane at a top speed of 320km/h, before planting their foot on the left-pedal and slowing to 140km/h in just 90metres.

Under braking for the slowest part of the track – the Turn 10 hairpin – drivers go from 300km/h to 65km/h in around 120m. Drivers experienced an average deceleration of 4.3G in the 2016 edition of the Canadian Grand Prix. But with the introduction of extra downforce and wider tyres in 2017, we can expect to see decelerations of over 5G – an incredible figure.

These stops come thick and fast in Montréal. 19% of the lap is spent on the brakes – and it’s this frequency, not just the intensity of the circuit’s many braking zones, that puts extra pressure on teams to manage the huge amount of energy created.

This energy – 149 kWh dissipated per race – is turned into heat, with modern F1 brake discs reaching 1,000 degrees Celsius in a single braking zone. This immense heat also has a knock-on effect on tyres, brake calipers and sensors. Temperatures have to be controlled and you’ll often see drivers darting out of the slipstream to cool their brakes before hitting another heavy braking zone, or deploying the famed ‘lift and coast tactic’ at certain points in the race.

Managing temperature in Montréal is absolutely crucial in traffic – and often simply in terms of ambient temperature on a warm weekend – because if a driver overheats his brakes, wear will become excessively high, costing valuable performance. It’s a 70 lap battle to manage temperatures. But, as we see almost every year, it’s not a battle everyone will manage to come out on top of.

To combat these unique challenges teams make special preparations, carrying out a series of simulations before heading to Canada to understand the exact brake energies involved and to ensure that there is sufficient cooling available on the car, as well as packing the thickest discs and pads possible for the weekend.

Whatever the result of Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix, Montréal will be sure to give both Lewis and Valtteri’s left feet one heck of a workout…

News: We’ve Launched Our Very Own App!

Launched last week, the official App of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport will give fans and followers of the team – including race drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas – an exciting new way to receive the latest news, competitions and offers from the reigning Formula One World Champions.

With a total fan base of 14.5 million people across major social media platforms, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport enjoys the biggest audience of any team in the sport – and, with Lewis Hamilton, the most followed driver, too.

Staying true to the Team’s fan-first approach, which was showcased during the 2017 car launch in Silverstone, the new App will be completely free for fans and only involves a basic, light-touch registration process.

Once complete, you will be registered as an Official Fan and the App will take you even closer to the heart of Formula One and what it takes to succeed at the pinnacle of motorsport. A perfect example of this is the exclusive, app-only competition to mark the launch of the channel: a very special chance to win a unique, money-can’t-buy experience with the team at the 2017 British Grand Prix.*

Registered Official Fans will enjoy three major benefits from the new App:

    Official Fans will be in pole position for the latest official news and insight from the team through the App. This means richer photo galleries and unique imagery from the behind the scenes of the race weekend; and first watch of the team’s exclusive video content. This will give Official Fans the opportunity to be the first to enjoy the Team’s daily content through the App.
    The opportunity to enter first exclusive Team competitions for money-can’t-buy prizes such as factory visits, meet and greet opportunities with the drivers and attendance at Team events. In addition, there will be App-exclusive competitions like the one marking the platform’s launch, for an Official Fan to enjoy a unique race weekend experience with the team at the 2017 British Grand Prix.
    Special offers and discounts will give our Official Fans the opportunity to show their allegiance first and most strongly thanks to the new App. To mark the launch of the App, all Official Fans will receive a 10% discount code on Team official merchandise.

In time, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport hopes to see the App grow to become a platform that will allow fans to engage directly with the team and each other, connecting the Team’s global fan base through our shared passion for Formula One and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. Today’s launch marks just the first step in the adventure…


*Availability of the App on Apple devices is restricted in certain territories, please check your local App Store. The 2017 British Grand Prix competition will only be open to enter by fans in countries where the App is available. At the current time this also excludes the USA, where the App will be released in due course. We apologise in advance for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.
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