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Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz delivered 195,698 vehicles to its customers in November (+7.2%), thus achieving the 57th record month in succession. In the first eleven months of the year, 2,095,810 units were sold. This represents not only the best-ever figure for the period of January to November, but also growth of 10.7% in unit sales. Last month, Mercedes-Benz was the premium brand with the most new registrations in markets including Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Taiwan, USA, Canada, and Mexico.

“Mercedes-Benz passed the two-million mark in November, already surpassing its unit sales for the entire previous year. We are going full speed ahead for our customers – not only with the best products, but also in sales and service. And this has already been rewarded with the most successful sales year in our history,” stated Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales.

Mercedes-Benz unit sales by region and market

In Europe, unit sales in November rose to a new sales record. A total of 79,942 customers received their new car with the three-pointed star (+1.5%). Since the beginning of the year, 879,878 vehicles were delivered – more than ever before in that period (+7.3%). Of that total, 281,946 units were sold in Germany (+5.2%). New sales records were set for both November and the first eleven months in Great Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Austria and Portugal.

With a total of 74,302 vehicles sold in the Asia-Pacific region, more customers received a new Mercedes-Benz there than ever before in a November (+16.2%). Since the beginning of the year sales totaled 802,565 units (+20.6%). China posted record figures for November and the eleven-month period: 50,813 customers decided on a new Mercedes-Benz last month (+22.2%) and 539,728 in the period January to November (+27.3%). More vehicles were sold than ever before in the first eleven months of a year also in South Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, India, Thailand and Malaysia.

In the NAFTA region, unit sales in November surpassed the high prior-year figure and 36,505 customers were delighted to receive their new Mercedes-Benz (+3.8%). In the USA, 30,838 customers decided in favor of a car with the three-pointed star in November (+1.6%). For the period of January to November, a new record was set of 359.953 units sold in the NAFTA region (+0.5%). Contributions to this development came from best-ever sales in Canada (+12.7%) and Mexico (+25.3%).

Mercedes-Benz unit sales by model

The E-Class Saloon and Estate are as popular as ever. The strong sales of the prior-year month were surpassed by 8.2% and a new record was set for a November (29,110 units). Since the beginning of the year, unit sales were 46.0% higher than in that period of 2016. Particularly strong demand for the long-wheelbase version of the E-Class Saloon meant that twice as many units of that model were sold as in the first eleven months of the previous year.

The new S-Class Saloon, which has been on the market in the United States and China since September, posted growth of 18.5% last month. Growth in unit sales of that model in Germany and the United States was even higher. In South Korea, where saloon cars are especially popular, more S-Class cars were sold last month than ever before in a November.

The SUVs from Mercedes-Benz set new records for the month of November (73,418 units) as well as for the first eleven months (731,626) – not only worldwide, but also in each of the three core regions of Europe, Asia-Pacific and NAFTA. Sales growth of 19.8% in November was primarily driven by the GLC, GLA, GLC Coupé and GLS, each of which posted new best-ever figures.


More than 11,500 smart fortwo and smart forfour cars were delivered to customers in November. Demand for the two-door and four-door smart models rose last month in the two largest markets for the urban microcar, Germany and Italy. In Belgium and the Netherlands, smart achieved a particularly high increase in sales. In the first eleven months of this year, 123,130 units were sold worldwide, and more smart cars were handed over to customers in China than ever before in that period of a year.
Stuttgart / Beijing – Daimler is strengthening the focus of its truck organization for the Chinese market by implementing a dedicated responsibility within the divisonal board of Daimler Trucks. As of January 1st, 2018, Sven Ennerst will take over responsibility for the company’s trucks operations in China including both local production at Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive (BFDA) as well as the import business at Daimler Trucks and Buses China (DTBC). At the same time, Ennerst continues his current function as Head of Product Engineering and Global Procurement.

Hubertus Troska, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Greater China, says: “China is by far the world’ � � � � s largest automotive market – both for passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles. The further focused and strengthened setup for our truck business in China shows our deepening commitment to this market. With the new appointment, we will continue bringing global expertise to our operations in China, to further explore the market potential with our local partners.”

Martin Daum, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Trucks and Buses, underlines: “We want to expand our position in the Chinese market. That is why we are elevating the responsibility for China to the divisional board of Daimler Trucks. With Sven Ennerst, one of our most senior and experienced leaders will be taking over this important position in one of our key markets.”

Sven Ennerst has gained valuable experience in China during his mechanical engineering studies there as well as his in professional career. He has also held management positions at Daimler Trucks for more than 20 years. In his new role, Sven Ennerst will work closely with both Board Members, Martin Daum and Hubertus Troska, to further advance Daimler’s truck business development in China.

Furthermore, Kelley Platt will become President and CEO of Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive – the joint venture of Daimler and Foton for the local production of heavy duty trucks under the Chinese Auman brand. Platt, currently the President of Western Star Trucks, will succeed Zhou Liang, who has decided to pursue opportunities outside of Daimler and therefore will leave the company as of January 15th, 2018.

“We are very thankful for Zhou Liang’s dedication and contribution to the BFDA business. We wish him all the best and much success for his future endeavors,” said Hubertus Troska.

“With Kelley Platt, BFDA will be headed by a seasoned trucks manager, who has led business units and brands very successfully,” said Martin Daum.

During the last years, Kelley Platt headed the Western Star business unit at Daimler Trucks North America. Under the leadership of Platt, Western Star has been setting sales and market share records. From 2010 to 2015, Platt was the President and CEO of Thomas Built Buses in High Point, North Carolina. During her tenure, Thomas Built Buses became the leading brand in the North American school bus market. Kelley started her Daimler career in 1989 in the treasury department.

Growing Truck Business in China

China is the world’s largest commercial vehicles market – for 2017, the market is expected to be above one million heavy duty trucks. Together with its Chinese partner Foton, Daimler has been building medium and heavy duty trucks under the Auman brand for the volume segment since 2012. Per October 2017, the joint venture BFDA sold about 91.000 vehicles – a 59 percent increase compared to the same period of last year.

The legally independent company Daimler Trucks and Buses China imports and sells Mercedes-Benz Trucks for the premium segment. In November this year, DTBC launched the Actros long-haulage truck as well as the Arocs offroad-truck to the Chinese market for premium trucks, which is shifting from an initial purchase price consideration to a focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and lifetime value.
Navigation / Drone landed – several times. Successfully. In Zurich.
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Stuttgart/Zurich. In a global first, online orders were delivered in Zurich between 25 September and 13 October with the aid of Vans & Drones. In partnership with Matternet and, Mercedes-Benz carried out a unique pilot project to test on-demand delivery of e-commerce orders – and it was a resounding success, particularly as unlike comparable systems this trial of a van and drone solution was carried out over an urban area and over a period of three weeks. On 28 September, after the initial successful trials, a large group of journalists was invited to watch live as the first official drone landing on the specially equipped Mercedes-Benz Vito took place during a press presentation.

On ten days, a total of around 100 flights were made without incident over the city of Zurich. The project made use of two drones and two Mercedes-Benz Vito vans with integrated landing platforms. Technology installed in the vehicle roofs ensured that landings were accurate and safe.

The main objective for the project team was to test the processes and procedures required to operate a delivery system of this kind and to learn from practical experience. "We are extremely satisfied with the results of the pilot project in Switzerland. The aim was to test the technology and the concept in real-world conditions and find out where optimisation was required. We also wanted to know how people would react to this new form of transportation," said Stefan Maurer, Head of Future Transportation at Mercedes-Benz Vans.

The results of the trials are currently being analysed in depth. "We are convinced that the project will evolve rapidly. We see great potential for our solution and intend to expand it to include further areas of application," Maurer added.
Articles / Mercedes-Benz X-Class awarded five stars for safety
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Stuttgart. With five stars, the new X-Class has been awarded the highest possible score in the independent safety test "Euro NCAP Test". The Mercedes-Benz pickup impressed in the categories of occupant safety, child safety, pedestrian protection and assistance systems.

The X-Class owes this result above all to its especially sturdy body with high-strength passenger cell and a structure with front and rear ends capable of absorbing energy through selective deformation as well as with an exceptionally large number of safety systems for the mid-size pickup segment. The X-Class comes as standard with, for example, seven airbags and the i-Size attachment system for two child seats. The other safety highlights include Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Traffic Sign Assist. Added to these are the trailer stability program, tyre pressure monitoring, emergency call system, cruise control and LED headlamps. In addition, a reversing camera and a 360-degree camera are optionally available.

Prices for the X-Class in Germany start at 37,294 euros (incl. 19 percent VAT). It has been on the market since November.
Formula One / 2017 Abu Dhabi Post-Season Test, Day 1
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Lewis got behind the wheel of the W08 EQ Power+ for one last time and completed a total of 136 laps in this year’s post-season test at the Yas Marina Circuit. Mercedes-Benz Power Units completed a total of 355 laps (1972km).

Lewis Hamilton:

I’m not really the biggest fan of testing, but it’s been a positive first day of running with these new tyres. We managed to complete plenty of laps and collected lots of data and feedback to ensure we head in the right direction over the winter. We’ve got a good early understanding of these 2018 Pirelli tyres. On early impression, the new HyperSoft is the best tyre that Pirelli have produced since returning to F1. I found that the other compounds are still a bit too hard for my liking but we’re moving in the right direction. It’s a nice way to wrap up the season, with one last day in the W08. I’m definitely ready to take a break now, though!
They spend days or even weeks in their truck. Most of the time, long-distance truck drivers are exposed to poor light conditions in their cab. During winter in particular, the darkness restricts the alertness and well-being of truck drivers. This therefore begs the question whether special lighting in the cab could help to ensure that drivers remain fit and alert.

More light in the cab

To this end, at the start of this year a research team at Daimler AG investigated the effects of having additional light in the cab during the darkness of winter in Finland. Eight test drivers simulated the daily work routine of a trucker over a period of two weeks. For one week they were on the road in a Mercedes-Benz Actros TopFit truck without additional lighting (the "reference truck"), and for the other week in a TopFit truck with Daylight+. This is fitted with three light applications which illuminate the cab with lighting similar to daylight: first of all a light alarm which simulates sunrise; secondly a light shower in which the driver can "fill up" with 30 minutes of artificial daylight before and after a trip; and thirdly Daylight+ as a supplement to daylight while driving. The study primarily focused on tolerance of the light, sleep quality and the performance of the drivers.

The results have now been assessed: the adaptive Daylight+ was able to treble the daily dose of light while driving. Together with the light showers before and after a trip, it was possible to increase the light dose received in the cab more than five-fold compared with a normal daily dose. With Daylight+, the brightness in the cab is continually adjusted to the outside conditions by means of a sensor. As a result, the daily light dose can be increased significantly without dazzling the driver.

More awake with Daylight+

Dr Michael Schrauf, an internationally renowned expert on measuring brain waves, recorded brain activity by means of electroencephalogram (EEG) in order to identify inattentiveness during periods of driving. It is clear from this that the drivers generally showed different levels of alertness. However, all of the test subjects were more alert with Daylight+ than in the reference truck without lighting. In terms of minutes, thanks to Daylight+ it was possible to reduce the inattentive period of driving from 44 minutes to 18 minutes on average. Of particular note is the fact that the inattentiveness of the drivers did not increase in the afternoon when the cab was illuminated with Daylight+. As such it was possible to avoid the typical "afternoon slump".

Psychological tests were also carried out on the drivers to determine reaction speed. The tests showed that with Daylight+, the reaction capacity remained constant and fewer incorrect reactions occurred when carrying out monotonous tasks.

Restful sleep in the cab

However, data were not only recorded while driving, but also at night – to examine sleep quality in particular. The results show that in the week in which the drivers drove the Daylight+ truck, the proportion of deep sleep experienced was higher. More deep sleep means more relaxing sleep, which in turn can result in higher performance.

Excellent marks for Daylight+

It was not just the objective data which showed positive results, however. In the questionnaires which the drivers filled out, they subjectively scored the cab illumination very positively in terms of maintaining fitness, a sense of well-being and concentration. The test subjects reported that they enjoyed an improved mood, felt less tired and perceived the cab as more spacious.

In short: Daylight+ can enhance safety and comfort

When coming back to the initial question, the study provided strong indications that a driver working in conditions "with light" performs better and remains more alert and fitter than in conditions "without light". Thanks to the subjective positive perceptions of the drivers, Daylight+ could also represent a further step towards enhancing road safety.
General / 72 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will support disabled people in São Paulo
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Stuttgart / São Paulo – 72 especially reconstructed Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will help improving disabled people’s everyday lives in São Paulo. The vehicles were delivered to the city council’s door-to-door transportation service. With its high roof and roomieness the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers ample space for people who depend on the wheelchair. The large sliding door makes getting in and out of the transporter easier thanks to a customized hydraulic ramp. The Sprinter’s maneuverability and agility are particularly helpful to drivers who have to pilot the vehicles safely through the narrow streets and alleys of São Paulo.

In September Mercedes-Benz do Brasil was able to increase its market share in the large-van segment. With a plus of nine percentage points compared to last year it grew to approximately 34 percent (YtD 09/2017). Between January and October 2017, 61 percent more Sprinter were delivered to customers as last year – a total of 5,700 units.
Smart / smart ready to drop+: Pilot test in Hamburg
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Stuttgart/Hamburg. smart is further expanding its innovative logistics service: in future "smart ready to drop+" will enable parcels to be delivered to the boot of a smart wherever the vehicle is located. Further advantages: almost all products from any shop can be ordered. Up until shortly before delivery customers can decide when and where the parcel should be delivered. To this end a new pilot test is taking place together with the cooperation partner Liefery in Hamburg.

Last autumn the "smart ready to drop" test run started in Stuttgart as the biggest in-car delivery test ever performed in Germany. Parcels can now also be delivered to the boots of smarts in Cologne, Bonn and Berlin. The smart cooperation partner DHL has already delivered a four-figure number of packages to these cities.

Now smart is going a further step in a pilot project in Hamburg by enabling the smart to be used as a fully mobile postbox. For the delivery process the vehicle no longer needs to be parked near the home address; parcels can be delivered by Liefery to wherever the vehicle is located in Hamburg.

Furthermore, customers are no longer tied to certain online shops and they can order products and have them delivered to their vehicle by Liefery. Private individuals can also send parcels to a vehicle. During the pilot test over several months the service "smart ready to drop+" is free of charge for customers.

Convenient and reliable ordering and delivery process

"smart ready to drop+" is smartphone-based and works with the help of an app developed by smart lab, the brand's think tank. The process in detail:

    When placing an online order the customer gives the delivery address as the "smart HUB address". This consists of two parts: the address of the Liefery hub in Hamburg, which acts as an interim storage facility, and the customer's own personal car boot ID.
    The customer is informed when the parcels physically arrive at the Liefery hub.
    The customer must then choose a date and one of three time slots allotted over the day for the delivery.
    In addition, the vehicle location must be specified – for example, the preconfigured addresses "Home" or "Work", but also any other address such as the car park of a gym. The setting "Dropzone" enables the radius of the smart around this location at the selected time to be defined.
    In the next step the user generates a TAN to give the Liefery delivery service keyless access to the boot of the parked smart.
    The app notifies the courier service of the desired delivery address and delivery time and the courier can open the car with the TAN once only within a specific time window. To this end a Connectivity Box is installed inside the car at the bottom of the windscreen.
    When the Liefery courier has deposited the parcel in the boot the car is locked again digitally and their access authorisation expires immediately. The app automatically notifies the smart car driver of the successful delivery.
Formula One / 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Sunday
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Valtteri Bottas

There was a lot of pressure from Lewis from behind throughout the entire race. I knew that one proper mistake could have ruined it. I had to keep my head down and go lap by lap. I couldn’t be happier to end the season like this. Of course, it would have been nice to get the second place in the championship, but Sebastian had a good weekend as well. Looking at the overall season, I need to perform better; but I’m very pleased with how the end of the season has been going for me. I’m really happy to be part of the team that won the constructors’ championship. Mercedes has given me the opportunity to win a few races and claim a few pole positions, so I’ m a really proud team member. However, I was hoping for an overall better result in the drivers’ point. I’ve learned a lot this season, so now I’m really looking forward to next year. This weekend shows that I can perform, I can be on pole and win races. So now I need to try and do it more often next year.

Lewis Hamilton

A great race, a great battle at the end of the season. I did the best I could, but Valtteri did a great job – very clean and no mistakes. This is one of the harder tracks to overtake; you need to be 1.4 seconds faster than the car in front to overtake. I had a lot of pace in the second stint, but as soon as I got into that window of about 1.2 seconds, I was done. But it was neat that you could push all the way on the tyre, it didn’t seem to drop off that much. It’s really great for Valtteri to have this win, this is a real boost for him to go into the winter with. Now I’m looking forward to some time to sit down with my family and just reminisce about the whole year. It’s been such a strong year, the team have been phenomenal all year long. I’m so grateful for everyone’s hard work back at the factory and for all the support from Mercedes.

Toto Wolff

This was a special way to end a special season: a dominant 1-2 finish in the final race of the season gives us good momentum into the winter. The car was magnificent today – quickest in qualifying and also in race conditions, on both types of tyre. I am really pleased to see the way that Valtteri has worked out of the difficult races after the summer to finish the season like this, two pole positions and the final win of the year. It was simply his race today. As for Lewis, this has been the best performance I have seen in all five years working together – he has become more rounded as a character and just as impressive as a racer. But although we had a strong result today, it’s not the time to pat ourselves on the back. 2018 begins on Tuesday with tyre testing so we must be sure to do our homework well this week and to keep pushing in the factories. We will enjoy this evening – but then get our heads down, push even harder and start preparing for the next challenge.

Andrew Shovlin

This has been the most incredible year and we’re absolutely delighted to have finished it with such an memorable 1-2 victory. Congratulations to the whole team! It’s been a battle since the lights went out in Melbourne and every single member of staff in Brixworth and Brackley has given absolutely everything to fight for both these championships. As for today; Valtteri drove a perfect race managing pressure from Lewis behind from start to finish. He finished his first season with the team in the best possible way. We were optimistic that we’d have a little margin on Ferrari and Red Bull in terms of pace and we established early on that this was the case. We were able to pull a decent gap and it meant we could extend the first stint and wait for others to make the first move. Lewis had a more difficult afternoon, it’s very hard to overtake at this track and once Valtteri had successfully defended the over-cut at the stops, the opportunities for Lewis to attack were limited. Lewis was never going to give Valtteri an easy win but it’s really good to see how much they enjoy racing each other and how well they work together to improve the car. Lewis can be very proud of what he has achieved this year, he has driven superbly over the whole season and has truly earned his place as one of the great champions of the sport.
Formula One / 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Saturday
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Valtteri Bottas

It’s only the fourth pole of my whole career and I had to beat some pretty good qualifiers, so it’s a great feeling to start from P1 tomorrow. It was a really good qualifying, clean and smooth. With the changes we made, the car was behaving much better in qualifying than it did in free practice. Run after run, I could always find some time here and there, I really worked on the details. But the weekend is not over yet; we want to finish strong tomorrow as well. We were nearly there in Sao Paulo and now I get a second opportunity. It would mean a lot to end the season on a high. However, no matter how tomorrow goes, it will be nice to head into the winter break knowing that I had the speed to be on pole two races in a row. That’s a good feeling and a good basis to start working for 2018.

Lewis Hamilton

Congratulations to Valtteri, he did a fantastic job in qualifying. It’s good to see him performing at this level, particularly at the end of the season which puts him into a great position for next year. For me, practice was great. Then I made some changes in anticipation of the track cooling which I think were not the right ones in hindsight. But it was good to experiment a little which I hadn’t really done all year long. However, that’s why I struggled a little bit with the balance in qualifying. I think in the end I was up about a tenth and a half out of Turn 1, but then I lost it somewhere else through the rest of the lap. Nonetheless, it was fun to be out there, challenging in the last qualifying of the year. Now we can get on with the race tomorrow. It’s a very hard track to overtake, but I will give it everything for sure.

Toto Wolff

That was a great lap from Valtteri and I’m really pleased to see him claim pole position – it shows he has really bounced back after some tough races after the summer break. Lewis scored a very strong second place, too, and it’s great to see our boys lock out the front row at the final race of the season. Our car was the fastest in every sector today and that is a first sign of how we have kept the level high since winning the championships. Looking ahead to tomorrow, we cannot underestimate the importance of the race. The final race gives an important momentum into the winter and we will be going all out for the win. The long runs yesterday looked very similar between ourselves, Ferrari and Red Bull so we are in for a close fight!

Andrew Shovlin

Firstly very well done to Valtteri on a well-deserved pole position and his second in a row! He’d had a few issues over the sessions getting the tyres to come in for a single lap but he seemed to judge it perfectly when it mattered. Overall, the day has gone rather well and both cars had a busy but productive session this morning. One of the challenges of this track is following the evolution of the circuit and adapting from the hot conditions in the earlier sessions to the cooler conditions you face in qualifying and the race. Both drivers felt that the overnight changes had moved the car in the right direction giving a more consistent balance compared to yesterday although the windy conditions were never going to make it an easy car to drive. We were also perhaps finding it a little easier than others to get the first lap out of the tyres. The traffic during the session was quite tricky, clearly a lot of teams were trying different approaches to the outlap and it made it hard to find a bit of track that would allow you to prepare the tyres how you wanted. More of less from the word go it was clear that both Valtteri and Lewis were going to be contenders for pole, we had a very close eye on Ferrari although as the sessions went on our drivers seemed to be able to keep finding a little more each run and we had an entertaining shoot-out for pole between the two of them. Having both cars on the front row for the race tomorrow puts us in the best possible position as a team although we’re not expecting the race to be easy. The Ferrari and Red Bulls both showed very strong pace on Friday and no one has much to lose at this stage of the season so we’re ready for a good fight.
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